The Radharc team visited Derry in the summer of 1964 to look at accusations of discrimination against the Catholic population in housing and political representation.

The programme was deemed too sensitive to be broadcast in 1964 and it would be 25 years later before it was shown on RTÉ.

For one of the first times the programme was presented by a lay person Patrick Cunningham, a young UCD graduate. Interviewed for the programme are Frank McCauley of the Catholic Registration Association, Eddie McAteer and James Doherty of the Nationalist Party, Paddy Friel, a school teacher (father of playwright Brian Friel), and Dr Jim McCabe of the Hospitals Appointments Board.

It would be 25 years before the programme was broadcast. Explaining this Joe Dunn wrote,

"The programme was edited and being prepared for transmission by the end of '64. But very early in the new year word came from the programme controller to say that he would prefer not to broadcast it. The reason given was that it would be inopportune to show it when the Taoiseach was meeting the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland for the first time." He finished the article by saying,

"And if anyone is surprised that no Unionist is interviewed in the programme, then I should perhaps point out that we could not persuade any Unionist to participate!"

(RTÉ Guide September 1, p10)