The Archbishop of Westminster says that the Catholic Church's teaching on birth control has not changed.

In July 1968, the Encyclical of Pope Paul VI entitled Humanae Vitae restated and reinforced the traditional Roman Catholic teaching on the transmission of human life.

Cardinal John Heenan, Archbishop of Westminster, speaks to '7 Days' about the Catholic Church's teaching on birth control, a teaching which has not changed.

The Pope is right and the practice is wrong.

On the subject of conscientious objectors to the church's teachings, the Cardinal says that priests much represent the teachings of the church. The Cardinal believes that it is not a question of conscience, but rather a question of truth.

When he is officially acting for the church, that is to say, when he is preaching, when he is performing his priestly functions, then he must act as a minister of the church.

This episode of '7 Days' was broadcast on 27 September 1968. The reporter is Patrick Cosgrave.