The Dubliners launch their album 'In Concert' at O'Donoghue's pub on Merrion Row in Dublin.

The launch of 'In Concert' The Dubliners album took place in March 1965 at O'Donoghue's pub. From left to right, Kathleen Behan and Stephen Behan with The Dubliners vocalist and guitarist Ronnie Drew and the band's manager John Sheridan.

Kathleen and Stephen Behan are the parents of writers Brendan, Brian and Dominic Behan. The Dubliners were signed to the Major Minor label in 1965 after backing from songwriter and writer Dominic Behan. 'In Concert' is the group's second live album and it was recorded at the Cecil Sharp House in London in December 1964. It includes a version of Dominic Behan's 'The Patriot Game'.

This photo was taken by Roy Bedell.