Miriam O'Callaghan speaks to Niall Tóibín about playing Brendan Behan and the relationship they had.

Tóibín has toured the world for years playing Behan in 'Behan Himself' and in the 'Borstal Boy'. Not only has Tóibín played Behan, but he also knew him socially. They lived in the same flat on Baggot Street, although not at the same time. They drank together.

Tóibín says of Behan,

He was great until he got too drunk...He was the funniest man ever born...He was at his happiest when he was talking.

Brendan Behan died on 20 March, 1964.

This episode of 'Miriam on Sunday' was broadcast on 16 March 2014 and marks 50 years since Behan's death.