Niall Tóibín's depiction of Brendan Behan has startled family and friends so accurate is the resemblance of the writer's accent and mannerisms.

Borstal Boy opened for the first time at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin on 10 October 1967. The success of the production saw it move on to Limerick and Belfast before hitting the big time on Broadway in 1970.

The play was last performed in Dublin at the Gaiety Theatre in 1976 where it has now returned. In all of these productions, the part of the adult Brendan Behan has been played by Niall Tóibín.

With accent, mannerism and gesture brought Behan to life again on the stage. So great was the resemblance that it startled even those people who knew Brendan Behan intimately.

Beatrice Behan, wife of Brendan, describes her surprise when Niall Tóibín is on stage in the role of her late husband and how a friend was brought to tears by the depiction.

Niall Tóibín believes this version of 'Borstal Boy' is much tougher than previous productions.

Now you can say things, you show things and you can do things on stage that would just not be tolerated then.

This episode of 'Evening Extra' was broadcast on 5 June 1987. The presenter is Eamonn O' Muirí.