A selection of models of the proposed new Corporation office block planned for Wood Quay are on show at City Hall in Dublin.

Six models for the proposed Dublin Corporation buildings are on display at City Hall.

The new Corporation buildings will be built on a four acre site at Wood Quay. One of the provisions of the Corporations requirements is that the building does not take from the view of Christ Church Cathedral. Out of forty-three replies to the Dublin Corporation advertisement, six were selected and will be on display in the foyer of City Hall for public viewing and scrutiny. Each of the models are for 10 or 12-storey buildings.

The Corporation Planning and Development Committee will choose which plans to go ahead with from the final six building proposals. Submissions were made by Hardwicke Ltd, G&T Crampton Ltd, Eblana Ltd, The Green Property Co Ltd, Gallagher Group Ltd, and Ronald Lyon Estates Ltd.