While many valuable discoveries have been made on the Viking site at Wood Quay, is it enough to simply put these finds on display in a museum? This and other questions are examined by Brian Farrell.

Brian Farrell reports on the Viking discoveries that have been made at Wood Quay and raises questions about the value of preserving the remains of the site.

Many of the artefacts are already on display at the National Museum and are examples of life in Ireland over a thousand years ago. But is museum display enough?

Protesters argue that Wood Quay is a unique place to mount a reconstruction of Viking life in Ireland. But at what cost?

While it is commonly agreed that the Dublin Corporation workers need new office space, the question remains over whether Wood Quay is the best location for these offices, given that such important finds have been made on the site.

Brian Farrell asks if it is still worthwhile preserving and exploring the rest of the site.