A retrospective look at clothes designed by John Rocha on ‘The Late Late Show’ in 2002.

In 2002, the publication of a book by John Rocha was marked by a retrospective of his work on ‘The Late Late Show’.  The fashion designer was born in Hong Kong, but had come to work in Ireland in the 1970s after graduating from a fashion course in London.  He designed clothes under his Chinatown label in the 1980s and later for A-Wear and Brown Thomas.

Journalist Robert O’Byrne provides the voiceover in this TV clip from ‘The Late Late Show’ retrospective, describing the clothes worn by models on set, all of which have been chosen to represent different stages in John Rocha’s career.  Included are the shearling coat worn by the band Oasis and examples of signature embellishment and use of traditional Irish fabrics. John Rocha appears at the end to talk to Pat Kenny and sit with the other guests, Robert O’Byrne and Gavin Friday.