The work of Irish fashion designers and producers is promoted by Dublin department stores and retailers.

Thirty leading department stores and specialist fashion outlets come together to promote the goods of over 200 fashion manufacturers and designers in a Dublin City Festival of Fashion. The fortnight long festival will be one of the biggest ever boosts for the Irish fashion industry.

The festival is launched by Minister for Industry and Commerce Ray Burke who congratulates the manufacturers and designers for coming together to compete with the bigger importers.

We have the products, we have the garments, we have the designers and there is no reason why we cannot compete and compete effectively in the market place.

Chief executive of the Irish Goods Council Vivian Murray is confident the festival will grow additional extra sales of Irish fashions in excess of one million pounds. It is being staged at a key time for fashion sales, the run-up to St Patrick's Day and to Easter. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 March 1989. The reporter is Eileen Dunne.