Irish fashion designer Paul Costelloe believes Irish women have difficulty with style.

Paul Costelloe has said that Irish women have no style and speaking in London he was sticking to his guns.

Paul Costelloe has committed a major fashion faux pas himself in the eyes of many Irish women.

The designer made his comments after Image Magazine published a list of Ireland's ninety most stylish women. He feels that Irish women lack confidence unless they are wearing a designer label, which he describes as self-indulgent, boring and middle class. 

Speaking to RTÉ News Paul Costelloe explains that Irish women have difficulty with style because is is not in their inner nature as it is for Italian women. 

In Dublin, women shoppers feel somewhat betrayed by the designer and say that he hasn't done himself any favours.

You'd think twice really about buying something from him.

Another Irish fashion designer Michael Mortell defends Irish women from Paul Costelloe's remarks.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 October 1998. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.