Pat Crowley presents her autumn/winter collection 1992 and talks about her American clients.

Pat Crowley was an Aer Lingus hostess before training as a designer with Irene Gilbert. She launched her knitwear business in 1968 and became one of Ireland’s most successful couture designers.  In this TV clip from ‘Head to Toe’, she presents her autumn/winter collection 1992 and is chauffeured from Dublin Airport to her boutique in Molesworth Place by presenter Pat O’Mahony.  

Pat Crowley has just returned from one of her many business trips to New York, where she has been planning the winter wardrobes of her rich American clients. Many of them are busy career women who like her to put outfits together for them. Her agent Maxine Kahn says the Americans love Pat because they live in an anonymous culture, but Pat takes a personal interest in them. Much of Pat’s work involves adjusting clothes to fit the figures of her clients in the workshop above her boutique because her clients come in all shapes and sizes and don’t necessarily fit into off the peg clothes.

Pat Crowley died in December 2013.