Participants in the Allergan Sea Angling Club Inter Firm Competition enjoy a fantastic day of fishing on Clew Bay.

The Allergan Sea Angling Club hosts the on Clew Bay in County Mayo. Nearly 140 anglers are taking part and every charter boat for miles around is hired for the modest competition rate of £9.50.

The fish catches are recorded on a points system, graded to equate with the various species. Each boat has an official marker because this is a conservation competition so all fish caught are returned to the sea alive. Nearly 3000 fish are caught and some returned to the sea several times.

When the sun was coming up, the day was getting brighter, and the big ones were lying low, but the craic was good.

A first time angler catches a skate of about 170 pounds in weight. A woman catches a thornback ray and earns 10 points for her efforts.

Always on hand, charter skipper Eddie Gibbons, local slimmer of the year and well known eligible bachelor.

Participants stand a good chance of winning a prize as Allergan and local businesses have donated £800 worth of crystalware and silver trophies. However there are are no cash prizes as sea anglers do not compete for money.

The Allergan Inter Firm Competition is won by the host team the Allergan Bow Wows.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 July 1982. The reporter is Derek Davis.