The residents of island in Clew Bay call for an upgrade to the causeway road that links them to the mainland.

Inishnakillew and Inishcottle are two of Clew Bay's inhabited islands and are linked to the mainland by a single-lane causeway which was constructed in the 1930s. This ageing piece of transport infrastructure, while adequate for horses and carts, is clearly unsuitable for motorised traffic.

Islander Paddy Quinn explains that during high tides and storms Inishnakillew is inaccessible. The eight children living here cannot either get safely to school, or return home from it without wading through water,

At times like this on the island we are completely cut off.

Mayo County Council have not allocated enough resources to repair and maintain this road says Willie Quinn, and as a result it is not just transport but every aspect of their lives that is affected,

You have to make your arrangements to suit the tide.

Four families, all with children of school-going age currently live on the island, and their long standing campaign for a better road is supported by the wider community here, as well as local Fianna Fáil councillor Frank Chambers,

Without this service they cannot hope to have any of the general communications that we as people accept for granted on the mainland.

The islanders feel that any chance of developing fishing and tourism here will continue to be hampered by the condition of the causeway as it stands. A road to your home is a basic civil right believes Paddy Quinn, and they should not have to move away in order to access facilities readily available to people in more populous parts of the country,

We're natives of the place, and we'd like to remain natives of it.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 March 1982. The reporter is Jim Fahy.