A Donegal engineer has invented an electronic fishing machine.

The patient angler using rod and line on the streams and lakes of County Donegal uses all the traditional baits to hook the trout and salmon. 

Hare's Ear, Wickham's Fancy, Green Olives, Jacob's Ladder.

Newsbeat is in Donegal to take a look at a new approach to fishing. Cathal O'Shannon meets electronics engineer Paddy Sharkey, who uses a rod and line with a difference, he has devised, 

The perfect way to catch fish.

His approach involves attracting the fish with electric shocks. An electronic fishing machine has been devised with the blessing of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. The machine is now made in Paddy Sharkey's workshop in Killybegs for water conservation boards all over the world from Kenya to Canada. 

It's used everywhere to clear waters of coarse fish and leave room for game fish to thrive and multiply.

The inexpensive rig is simple to use and portable. Paddy Sharkey explains how the apparatus consisting of a pulse generator, a landing net and a pair of electrodes, works. The area of fishing is defined by the spread of electrodes. The technology is mainly used by freshwater biologists, for population sampling in streams. 

A 'Newsbeat' report broadcast on 23 May 1967. The reporter is Cathal O'Shannon.