A new device called 'End Finder and Cutter' hopes to eliminate the annoying problem of finding the end of the sellotape.

According to Richard Cotter of the Sellotape Group, the device is very easy to use. Simply attach the gadget to the sellotape roll and you're in business.

The universal problem with sticky tape of any kind is finding the end.

The inventor of this new device is David Watson from Ballymena, County Antrim. His invention won first prize in the Opportunity Ulster Competition in 1986 and he has just signed a contract with multinational Dickinson Robinson Group (DRG) to develop the product. The End Finder and Cutter will be given away with every packet of Sellotape. 

Speaking about the invention David Watson says that the problem was not easy to resolve and took a lot of tweaking after building a number of prototypes. 

David also has some advice for would-be inventors.

Make sure that the idea they've got is novel or at least better than what is on the market. Then to make sure that it works. To make a prototype or have a prototype made. Then, if they're satisfied that it has a future, to go ahead and gets patents for it.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 February 1987. The reporter is Emer Murphy.