Competitors from five countries are taking part in the inaugural World Shore Angling Championship in County Wexford.

Five countries send teams to Wexford for the first World Shore Angling Championship, a three day event taking place at Hook Head.

The World Shore Angling Championship is hosted by the Irish Federation of Sea Anglers (IFSA). Hugh O'Rorke of the IFSA is concerned costs such as the price of hotel accommodation has effected participation in the event. Nevertheless alongside Irish participants, the top five master anglers were represented from France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Dutch competitor Huib Barendregt praises the host country's natural amenities, making make it a perfect spot for both sea angling and freshwater angling.

In his opinion Ireland is,

The only country aside from France that has everything for sea angling.

There is a wide variety of fish around the rocky headlands of Hook head. To conserve fish stocks all fish caught in competition are weighed and then returned to the sea where possible.

Hugh O'Rorke is delighted to report the growing popularity of shore angling as a sport. There are 201 clubs operating and the sport is successfully attracting greater participation from female and juvenile participants.

We’re very, very hopeful that these will be the backbone of the sport in years to come.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 September 1981. The reporter is Conor Fennell.