Replying to complaints from some teachers that a Bosco puppet manufactured in Roscommon is too expensive.

In October 1982, RTÉ awarded the Slievebawn Co-op and Strokestown Craft Work in County Roscommon the licence to manufacture and market a Bosco puppet based on the star of the popular children's television programme.

Bosco is a quality Irish made product, a glove puppet, with bright red hair, a hand painted wooden head and a green and white smock.

Chairperson of the co-op Patsy Duignan responds to a letter written by three teachers who are critical of the Bosco puppet. While the puppet is designed to fit the average four to five year old child, it can be manipulated by children from two years upwards.

Patsy Duignan acknowledges the cost of posting the puppet should offer a discount for more than one Bosco in the same parcel. However the postage price is fair as it includes packing, handling and insurance as well as the stamps.

He is good value for money.

There are eight full-time workers and over 20 people involved part time on the project in order to meet the demand for Bosco. Patsy Duignan disagrees the enterprise is an exercise to make money. Given the overheads and production costs it is not possible to make a profit. In spite of high demand for the puppet,

Bosco is not even breaking even, nor likely to before sometime next year.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 December 1982. The reporter is Andrew Kelly.