A new electronic device will help golfers locate golf balls in the rough.

Michael Ryan travels to Newbattle Golf Club in Edinburgh, Scotland where he meets Stephen Hochler who has brought technology to the game of golf.

Stephen Hochler has created an electronic solution to help find lost golf balls.

To a golfer, a lost ball is as desperate as a lost cause.

The Bleeper device is described as "a receiver for the electronic golf ball" and is used to scan the area where it is believed the ball may have landed. The device triggers a signal of the location and the ball can be located. Stephen Hochler says that the device speeds up the time to find lost balls and gives players more time to concentrate on the game.

In the centre of what looks like a conventional golf ball there is a small electronic transmitter and a battery which lasts for a year. The transmitter locates the ball and sounds a bleeping signal when the ball has been located.

Stephen Hochler is not a golfer himself but was inspired to invent the device when a golfing friend complained about the number of golf balls he was losing. The device is aimed at amateur players as professionals hit the balls where they are supposed to go.

The electronic golf ball is regulation size and weight but costs three times the price of a top quality standard golf ball. Stepehen Hochler points out that many golfers do not like to admit that they are losing golf balls but the statistics say otherwise.

There are two hundred million golf balls produced in this country per annum and there are maybe three million golfers. Somebody is losing balls.

The electronic golf ball is now selling worldwide and doing particularly well in the United States and Japan where people are very gimmick conscious.

The technology also has other purposes and is being used as security clamp on clothing to prevent shoplifting at large stores in London and Manchester.

This episode of 'Enterprise' was broadcast on 24 January 1972. The presenter is Michael Ryan.

'Enterprise' was a series of topical reports on developments in money, industry and science, and how they affect the people of Ireland. 'Enterprise' was presented by Michael Ryan.