Are women in golf clubs discriminated against? If so would they like this to change?

In yacht clubs, tennis clubs and golf clubs, the treatment of male and female members varies with many placing limitations on the level of involvement of women and even a complete restriction on membership.

While many golf clubs do not permit membership to women, the majority of clubs do permit lady associates. This associate membership limits the level of access to certain areas of the club, and restricts the days and times when they can attend. What is more, they have no say in the running of the club.

Any club which did give full membership to women would find itself ineligible for affiliation with the Golfing Union of Ireland.

Despite all these restrictions, this report finds that many women golfers are less than hostile. 'Inside Track' meets three women golfers to get their views on the rules. 

One woman comments,

Discrimination on a golf course doesn't interfere in any way with my enjoyment of the game.

Another woman describes how the game has traditionally been used by men as a means of escaping from their wives. 

On the question of changing the rules another woman says,

It takes aggressive women always to get things moving and I think aggressive women aren't popular in golf clubs.

This episode of 'Inside Track' was broadcast on 19 May 1981.