Dublin band Something Happens who perform 'Here Comes The Only One Again'.

'Here Comes The Only One Again' featured on the Something Happens debut studio album 'Been There, Seen That, Done That' released in 1988 on Virgin records. The band lineup includes Tom Dunne, Ray Harman, Alan Byrne and Eamonn Ryan.

This episode of 'Borderline' was broadcast on 15 November 1986.

'Borderline' was a Saturday morning show for young people featuring live bands, the latest pop videos, fashion and film.

The first episode of ‘Borderline’ was broadcast on 11 October 1986. The presenters are Aonghus McAnally, Ronan Johnston and Majella Nolan. 'Borderline' ran until 1988.

This series is aimed at teenagers and will be concerned with their particular interests, music and other activities. It will also feature live phone-in and a studio audience.

(RTÉ Guide, 12 September 1986)