Christy Moore on his love for the Ewan MacColl song 'Sweet Thames Flow Softly'.

Christy Moore has a special admiration for the work of British singer songwriter and activist Ewan MacColl. He recalls his first meeting with Ewan MacColl at the Singer's Club in London. Christy Moore was incredibly nervous and recognising this fact, Ewan MacColl bought him a single malt whiskey.

In 1965, Ewan MacColl and and the American folksinger and musician Peggy founded the Critics Group, a learning group and an experimental musical theatre troupe. Ewan MacColl wrote 'Sweet Thames Flow Softly' for a Critics Group production based on ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Christy Moore first encountered 'Sweet Thames Flow Softly' through a flatmate when he lived in Halifax in England. He fell in love with the song and has a deep admiration for the beauty of the lyric,

Took her sailin' on the river,
Flow, sweet river, flow.
London town was mine to give her,
Sweet Thames Flow Softly.

Christy Moore performs 'Sweet Thames Flow Softly' backed by singer Sinéad O’Connor and the singer and musician Neill MacColl. Neill MacColl is the son of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger.

‘Christy Moore : The Songs of Ewan MacColl’ was broadcast on 11 November 2001.