Bruce Springsteen talks about his new musical direction inspired by the folk singer and activist Pete Seeger.

American rock star Bruce Springsteen opens a short European tour at The Point in Dublin backed by a 17-piece folk based band. He is promoting the album, 'We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions', a collection of personal interpretations of 13 traditional songs,

An eclectic mix of blues, and gospel and folk inspired by legendary singer songwriter Pete Seeger.

The touring band came together playing these classic forms of American music in Bruce Springsteen’s farmhouse living room.

I don’t know where this fits in what I do, but all I know is that I like to listen to it.

As this music originates in Ireland, Bruce Springsteen is very excited to be opening the tour in Dublin.

The music also has a definite New Orleans flavour and that is where the band played its first show. Bruce Springsteen is highly critical about President George W Bush’s ineptitude in relation to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 May 2006. The reporter is David McCullagh.