Record number of competitors in the annual Dublin City Council Liffey Swim.

The annual Liffey Swim attracts competitors from all over Europe and of all ages. This year's event attracted a record 330 men and women.

Dublin is the only capital city which organises a swim through its centre.

The Liffey Swim is a handicapped race where swimmers are categorised based on their ability.

This year, the last three men to go into the water came first, second and third.

Race Handicapper Joe Browne explains how the system works based on the fastest and slowest swimmers over a series of events. The slowest swimmers start first and the fastest swimmers start last.

One woman racer explains that she has been vaccinated against the various threats of disease that can be found in the River Liffey.

The men’s race was won by Kevin Stacey from Coolmine and the women’s race was won by Claire Gavigan from ESB.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 September 2006. The reporter is Paul Reynolds.