Residents of Glengoole in Tipperary were awoken by a mini-tornado tearing through their homes.

A number of houses and cars in Glengoole, County Tipperary are damaged when a localised storm described as a mini tornado strikes at 2 am, ripping off roof tiles, tumbling chimneys and blowing out windows. There are no injuries but it is estimated that tens of thousands of euro worth of damage is caused.

Glengoole resident Therese O'Gorman recalls being awoken by,

What can only be described as like a train going through my hallway the bangs and the gusts and it was indescribably the noise.

Her daughter and niece sleeping in the living room at the time found they were trapped,

We had to kick in the door to get them out of the house quick.

Initially Therese O'Gorman though a telegraph pole had come down on the house and did not realise the incident was caused by a storm.

Met Éireann says such storms are rare, but it is the time of the year when extremely turbulent pockets of air can cause winds to behave like small tornadoes.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 31 July 2006. The reporter is Damien Tiernan.