A hotel owner outlines the challenges she sees in attracting tourists to Ireland.

Tourist revenue in the Shannon region amounts to around £45 million with about three-quarters of a million people spending time and money in the area.

Bord Fáilte spends £30,000 promoting tourism in the Shannon region. Promotion of Ireland as a holiday destination also sees 15,000 travel agents and journalists brought in for "propaganda holidays".

The hope is that they'll go and tell everyone what a great little country we have.

Julianna Roberts owns a hotel at Dromineer harbour says that one of the problems facing the tourism industry in Ireland is that costs are much higher than in England or other overseas destinations. She believes that this is partly due to the poor value of the punt against sterling. She also argues that the quality of service in Ireland is, in many cases, below standard. The presence of litter and anti-social behaviour are not helping attract tourists to Ireland.

If you put roses outside in a tub here, somebody digs them up and takes them away with them.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 April 1981. The reporter is Peter McNiff.