A proposal for a nude beach in County Kerry is welcomed by Kilgarvan locals.

Locals in Kilgarvan County Kerry discuss a proposal to turn Nuns Beach in Ballybunion into a nudist beach.

Tom McGuire visits Kilgarvan to get some views on the beach plans and meets publican and Chairman of Kerry County Council Jackie Healy Rae.  

Healy Rae is an enigma. Chairman of Kerry County Council, dyed in the wool Fianna Fáil and new found champion of liberal, rural Ireland.

Jackie Healy Rae is a staunch supporter of the idea of a nudist beach at Ballybunion. He claims that when a mini-skirt first appeared in Kilgarvan, everyone's curiosity was aroused and the rosary beads were out. However, today they do not pay a blind bit of heed. Now that locals have come to terms with the mini-skirt, they are also supportive of plans for a nudist beach, despite Kilgarvan’s distance from the sea.

Jackie Healy Rae recalls not so long ago when there was nude swimming in the bogs of Kerry and argues that a nudist beach would be no different. He believes a nudist beach would help to promote the tourist potential of Kerry.

We are meant to be one of the most progressive tourist countries.

While most of the locals are in favour of having a nudist beach, they are not so enthusiastic about participating in nudism with one man remarking,

There’s no need for anyone local to use it if they don’t want to.

Jackie Healy Rae reinforces this view saying that nobody is compelled to use the nudist beach.

Leave us have this facility. Why in the hell can we not?

This episode of 'Nationwide’ was broadcast on 22 November 1995. The presenter is Michael Ryan and the reporter is Tom McGuire.