A look at the place of dance in Ireland and its importance for education.

Presenter Declan Kiberd asks the question "Why do people dance at all?"

According to Martin Drury, Dance & Education Officer at the Arts Council, whether it is break dancing, disco dancing, ballroom dancing or traditional Irish dancing, people can not help but move.

Dance is in some ways like all the arts, the more formal expression of what is a natural thing to do in the same way that singing or the high art of opera is nearly a formal extension of something that we all do naturally.

Sport and children playing are also expressions of dance according to Teresa Leahy, who lectures in dance at Thomond College in Limerick.

Arthur Lappin Chairman of the Dance Council of Ireland reinforces this view and says that the formal education system does not allow for any creative expression.

Martin Drury argues there is a need in formal education settings to encourage the individuality of the child which is both physical and intellectual.

It’s important to realise that the body is part of the mind. This mind body split is redundant.

This is a notion that goes against the current educational setup in most schools.

There is if you like a convergent pastry cutter which descends upon the young people of Ireland and produces them in a palatable form for society to digest.

Dance enables this expression and is a sociable act that creates a healthy contribution to society for each individual.

Teresa Leahy believes that dance in education can tap into the inner person and allows people to express their inner feelings and emotions through movement.

This episode of 'Exhibit A’ was broadcast on 17 February 1986. The presenter is Declan Kiberd.

'Exhibit A: The Arts Show' was a magazine-style programme that looked at the arts in Ireland. Some episodes contained numerous features and reviews, while others focused on specific artists and art forms. There were three presenters: Eamonn McCann, Frances Ruane and Declan Kiberd. Producers included Tom McArdle, Aindreas Ó Gallchóir and Adrian Moynes. It was first broadcast on 1 November 1984 and ran for two series.