The Arts Council of Ireland’s 1985 Brinson report ‘The Dancer and The Dance’, highlights the need for government to assume responsibility for the provision of an adequate training for a career in dance.

In light of this report ‘Exhibit A’ look at the position of dance in Ireland and the role of dance in education.

The Ludus Dance in Education Company from Lancashire in the United Kingdom, one of the leaders in dance education, is performing for schools in the Dublin Theatre Festival. The artistic director of Ludus Chris Thompson believes dance can be a resource for teachers to use throughout the curriculum, not just in dance, but in other subjects too. The Ludus Company uses dance to explore subjects it finds to be socially and educationally interesting and relevant to the audience.

There is a positive reaction from schoolboys attending a Ludus performance dealing with the concept of imprisonment with one boy remarking

It was very interesting like it's not like any other dance I've ever seen.

However, Thompson knows there is a resistance to dance among white working class culture. However, he thinks dance can make a big difference to self esteem and as a non-verbal form of physical expression, it can be very important for teenagers.

An ‘Exhibit A’ report broadcast on 17 February 1986.