A new initiative in Coolock, Dublin offers young people the opportunity to dance instead of standing in the dole queue.

Run by the Coolock Youth Project and the Department of Labour's Teamwork Scheme the programme pays four young men £55.82 per week to break dance. The breakdancing group named Razzmatazz are the first dancers in the country to receive any kind of government funding. 

Break Dancing in Coolock (1986)
Break Dancing in Coolock (1986)

Alasdair Jackson meets dancers Stephen Higgins, Joseph McLoughlin, Jeff Graham and Paul Cheevers who describe their daily routine at the local scout hall as they prepare for public performances. When the Team Work funding ends in August, the dancers hope to become a commercial success.

The group's manager Fintan O'Hare also talks to Alasdair Jackson about this new initiative and the potential it may have for other young people in the future.

An RTÉ News report by Alasdair Jackson broadcast on 13 June 1986.