'Sides DC' is a new dance club on the Dublin nightlife scene.

John Nolan set up Sides DC at 26 Dame Lane in 1986 as a venue in Dublin where people come to dance and listen to the best DJs in the city. The DC stands for Dance Club. John was inspired to open the club by the dance scene in New York.

You can wear any colour you like as long as it's black.

John Nolan says that the word "alternative" is used to describe Sides DC by people who don't go there. 

We don't consider ourselves alternative as such. We consider ourselves to be doing our own thing. We like to dance, we like to dress in a certain fashion but to us it's not alternative. It's just being ourselves.

DJ at Sides DC, Paul Webb, describes the eclectic mix of music he plays at the club, from indie to dance to country and western to Rock 'n Roll and says

There's absolutely no boundaries whatsoever.

The club has a door policy based on style over age and welcomes all sexualities.

Musician Gavin Friday sees Sides as a great addition to Dublin nightlife but it's still not comparable to London or Berlin.

This episode of 'Evening Extra' was broadcast on 29 May 1987. The reporter is Shay Healy.