Housewife Toni O'Neill has come up with a novel way to make ends meet with an exotic dance act at The Hunting Lodge pub in Ballyfermot.

Toni has always loved to dance but marriage and two babies put her dancing days on hold. However when her husband Brian lost his job, she went back to dancing to ensure their seven year old daughter Fiona could continue her costly music lessons.

Returning to dancing after a 12 year hiatus was difficult as Toni had to get her confidence back.

Brian is supportive of his wife’s chosen career path and is not at all jealous of other men watching her act. Similarly, Toni does not mind if Brian wants to watch other women dancing or to attend foreign strip-clubs.

Brian is confident Toni is able to handle herself but his main fear is that she doesn't fall and break her neck.

Although she has a loyal and vocal following, Toni knows some people, men, in particular, are critical of what she does.

Some of them are very, very prudish, they don't think you should be there at all, you should be at home, minding your own business and washing the dishes.

Ultimately Toni does not care what other people think as she knows her dancing is for the good of her family.

I can’t sit down and listen to the critics, if I did that I'd never get started, I'd never go out, I'd never be able to dance in public.

This ‘Evening Extra’ was broadcast on 12 December 1986. The reporter is Kevin Linehan.