Concerns about the latest threat to Dublin's architectural heritage, the development of Molesworth Street.

In a statement released on 2 January 1971, chairperson of the Dublin Civic Group Professor Kevin B Nowlan expresses concern about Setanta Limited’s scheme for the development of Molesworth Street.

Having failed to save Fitzwilliam Street and having half won the battle to save Hume Street, the cause now is to save Molesworth Street.

In some ways this new fight could be real a test of the government’s view on Dublin’s preservation.

Molesworth Street has been allowed to deteriorate and in front of Leinster House there lies a shabby thoroughfare. The preservation lobby agrees this area is ripe for development, however they are requesting the new front of Molesworth Street be in harmony with the rest of the area, especially Kildare Street.

Interestingly since 1970 there has been a perceptible change in the attitude of Dubliners towards those who are fighting to preserve the architectural heritage of Dublin. Rather than agreeing with Kevin Boland’s accusation that the preservation lobby is an elite group of 'belted earls’ the average Dubliner,

Has now become worried about the future of the city and does not want to see it all become giant blocks of glass and colourless concrete.

‘Newsbeat’ was a half-hour feature programme presented by Frank Hall and ran for 7 years from September 1964 to June 1971. ‘Newsbeat’ went out from Monday to Friday on RTÉ television and reported on current affairs and issues of local interest from around Ireland. The final programme was broadcast on the 11 June 1971.

This episode of ‘Newsbeat’ was broadcast on 2 February 1971.