Engineers are to inspect a crumbling section of stone and mortar at Lamb Alley to see if it is part of the old wall of Dublin.

A 160 feet long crumbling section of what may be a part of Dublin's old city walls at Lamb Alley, off Cornmarket is to be inspected by Dublin Corporation engineers. Under the Dublin Draft Development Plan, any authenticated sections of the city's old wall are listed for restoration and preservation.

Apparently, there is no authentic record to prove that any portion of the famous wall now exists. But it is traditionally believed that a few portions of the old wall still survive at Cook Street and Cornmarket in The Liberties.

If it is part of the old wall of Dublin, then it has a very special history indeed.

Records show the wall was completed in the thirteenth century. Built for defensive purposes it was 5 foot thick, and 17 feet high.

In the centuries that followed armies fought here for the possession of Dublin.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 19 May 1970. The reporter is Barry Linnane.