The controversial civic offices located at Wood Quay are finally open after years of disputes and protests. 'Evening Extra' visits the Dublin Corporation staff in their new offices.

Reporter Kevin Linehan visits the new civic offices at Wood Quay and talks to Dublin City and County Manager Frank Feely about the development. On the building Feely comments "I don't feel proud of it, I don't feel ashamed of it". 

One staff member comments on the previous offices occupied by Dublin Corporation and the problems the staff faced there. He describes the old office as "a dump" and the new office as "top class". Another staff member talks about the potential of the new work space and the opportunities it provides to meet other members of staff.

Administration Officer Colm O'Grady is in charge of the move to the new offices and describes the logistical challenges.  Union Official Peter Nolan comments on the working conditions and says that many Dublin Corporation workers are working in damp, over-crowded offices. 

Frank Feely describes the new offices as "a marvellous improvement on what was here before" and describes the old site as "run down with buildings that had reached the end of their useful life". He continues by describing how the area in general will benefit from the improvements provided by the new offices at Wood Quay. Feely argues that anyone with a sense of history would argue that this is the right location for the civic offices. "The city administration should be in the heart of this medieval city".

Only half of the project is complete at this stage and there are two further blocks planned. However due to delays and costs, the exact plans remain uncertain.