Protesters march against the building of civic offices at the Viking site on Wood Quay.

According to Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill over 5,000 people joined Professor F.X. Martin and the Friends of Medieval Dublin in yet another protest march to save Wood Quay. Many city councillors and Trade Unionists were also in attendance, as well as historians, archaeologists, politicians, and ordinary people.

A float of a Viking ship led the march from Leinster House through the city centre and down the quays to the historic Wood Quay site. 

Evidence of demolition and building are visible on the site and are grim reminders for the marchers that the eleventh hour has come for the Viking remains at Wood Quay. 

The marchers were seeking government intervention to stop the construction.

Addressing the crowd, Professor F.X. Martin said that all city councillors, apart from those from Fianna Fáil, had come out in favour of Wood Quay. He called upon the Fianna Fáil councillors and the government for their cooperation. 

Internationally we are almost a disgrace.

Protests have come from the Council of Europe, from scholars, from organisations all over Europe, from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, the United States, France, all begging us, all urging us, to save a heritage, a heritage for Europe as well as for ourselves. Let us resoundingly say 'We want Wood Quay saved'" Professor F.X. Martin addressing the crowd of protesters.