Alternative options suggested to the planned civic offices at Wood Quay.

A group of architects, planners and academics from Bolton Street College of Technology have come up with an alternative suggested use for the site of Wood Quay, in light of the site being declared a national monument.

Architect Liam Carlan believes a low level grade A hotel could be an alternative option for the site at Wood Quay, replacing the Dublin Corporation's plans for a massive civic building. The proposed 250 bedroom hotel would keep the national monument area clear, and according to Carlan would maintain "a civilised relationship between the Cathedral and the Quay". He also argues that "the hotel would be a much more valid use for the unique potential of that site than office blocks which could be better located elsewhere". 

Another member of the Bolton Street team, urban economist Joe Davis, also believes that the site would be ideal for a hotel, located near Norman, Medieval and Georgian buildings of historical significance and interest. "A hotel would be a living operation. 7 days a week, 365 days a year." 

The Bolton Street group of architects and planners have suggested an alternative site for the civic buildings along the docklands. In light of Wood Quay being declared a national monument, Davis argues that "the Corporation has a duty to Dublin, to the city that it governs to relocate its offices".