The first exhibition of the treasures excavated from the controversial Viking site at Wood Quay have gone on display.

Artefacts from 900 to 1300 AD are now on display at the National Museum. 

Shane McElhatton interviews Pat Wallace - former director of the Wood Quay dig about his statement that many treasures were lost because the site was built on. He also talks about the kind of material the public can see at the exhibition and about the kind of lives led by Vikings. The exhibition shows the Vikings as just ordinary townsmen as opposed to the image of the warrior Viking that we are often presented with.

Pat Wallace talks about some of the archaeological work carried out on the site at Wood Quay, which was the subject of a bitter row between conservationists and Dublin Corporation. 

According to Wallace, Wood Quay is "the richest urban site in north-west Europe."

A record of 180 buildings were recorded during the excavation.