As the National Monuments Council advises the Government to save Wood Quay, Archaeologist Dr. Michael Herraty from University College Dublin talks about the importance of the Wood Quay site and how a compromise is required with regard to plans for the sit

The final decision on the proposed building work at Wood Quay will be delivered this week by the Government. 

Dr. Michael Herraty UCD Archaeologist and member of National Monuments Council speaks to Shane Kenny about their advice to the Government to save the Wood Quay site by not building Dublin Corporation Civic Offices in this location. Herraty comments that "there's a great deal of excavation still to be done". Dr. Herraty feels that excavations should be well planned and carried out in phases over a long time span. This way they would have the benefit of ongoing developments in urban development. 

Dr. Herraty feels there has been no real compromise from the original plans that would in any way preserve the national monument of Wood Quay.