Gardaí leave their station at Oughterard in Galway in protest at the condition of the building.

The Garda station in Oughterard is at least one hundred years old and Gardaí say it is one of the worst in the country. The building was first condemned 52 years ago but has remained in use.

They say it's damp, unhygienic and overcrowded.

Rain leaks through the roof, the floors are dangerous and the cells are in such poor condition that they have not been used in years.

The Gardaí in Oughterard had given authorities until 10 o’clock this morning to do something about the conditions. When nothing was done, the Gardaí walked out and moved into a former Church of Ireland rectory which has been earmarked for development as a new station. However, so far work on the redevelopment has not started.

Despite the walkout, the Gardaí continue with their normal police work but refuse to return to the old building.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 December 1980. The reporter is Jim Fahy.