The appalling conditions in Garda barracks around the country are having an effect on staff morale and performance.

Mick Halpin and Jack Marrinan of the Garda Representative Association comment on the lessons to be learnt from the conditions in Oughterard. The conditions in Clonmel and Wicklow stations are so bad that they will be abandoned to highlight the terrible state to the authorities.

In 1980 architectural surveys were carried on some of the old stations around the country and the results were published in 'Horizon' a publication for Garda inspectors and sergeants. The report identified specific problems and made recommendations for improvements to be made to properties.

The continuing effect of the fungal growth spreading and the dampness staining the walls makes life extremely difficult for the occupants and if not curtailed will make the accommodation unsuitable for occupation.

While members of the Garda are outraged by the conditions, striking is not an option as it is illegal. Jack Marrinan says they simply want to provide the public with a service in appropriate surroundings.

This episode of 'Féach' was broadcast on 11 December 1981. The reporter is Eamonn Ó Muirí.