A look at the cars vying to be named the Irish car of the year.

The top five cars chosen are the Mazda 323, the Mercedes 200 series, the Lancia Y10, the Ford Granada and the Toyota Corolla.

Chairman of the Irish Motor Writers Association Jeremy Hennessy outlines what the judges in the search for the car of the year are seeking. Price and features are considered when examining cars that range from a family run around to luxury models.

We're looking for a car that is outstanding in its class.

Coming in fifth place is the Lancia Y10 with 20 points. The Mercedes got 26 points and came in fourth. In third place was the Mazda 323 with 43 points.  The Toyota Corolla with 52 points came in second. The Ford Granada came in top position with 99 points.

Although it’s a car most of us couldn’t afford to buy, its choice is defended on the grounds that what it has today down market cars will have tomorrow.

Jeremy Hennessy believes that the Ford Granada brings the whole standard of motoring to a new level. However, he does not believe the title of Car of the Year will mean more Granada sales.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 November 1985. The reporter is Alasdair Jackson.