Two bowling champions go head to head in Cork to decide who is king of the road.

The contest takes place in Ballincurrig County Cork as Harry Toal and Bill Daly do battle out for the title of undisputed road bowling champion.

It was billed as one of the most interesting road bowl playing duels witnessed since the titanic struggles of Danny McParland and Mick Barry.

Not since the sixties had the competition seen two such megastars compete for the title of king of the road as World Road Bowling Champion Billy Daly from West Cork took on All Ireland Champion from Armagh Harry Toal.

Referee Séamus Ó Tuama has some words of advice for the two players and believes that strength, speed and accuracy are the keys to success in the sport.

The stakes are high, as are the bets as spectators gather to witness the contest. 

The game carries on as the light fades and it is the job of the referee to decide when it is not fit to throw any more. Play continued the following day and Bill Daly went on to take the title of King of the Road and took home the Bank of Ireland Cup.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 November 1985. The reporter is Peter McNiff.