Designated lanes will encourage more people to cycle to and ease traffic congestion in urban centres.

The recent oil crisis has made people around the world look at cycling in a new light, says Dr Desmond Moore lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at UCD (University College Dublin). He is the author of a report titled 'The Bicycle - A Study of Efficiency, Usage and Safety' for An Foras Forbatha, the National Institute for Physical Planning and Construction Research.  

The report recommends the creation of designated cycle lanes in Irish towns and cities, in particular when new urban areas are at the planning stage.

One widely acknowledged negative of cycle paths is that the number of cyclists injured at at traffic intersections increases. As unfortunate as this is says Desmond Moore, when it comes to cycling on Irish roads 

The likelihood of being involved in an accident is lower than in motorised traffic.

How to persuade drivers to forgo the comforts of their cars and take to two wheels? In terms of energy efficiency the arguments are stacked up in favour of the bike, maintains Dr Moore as,  

A bicycle is the most efficient form of transport known to man, or indeed in the whole animal kingdom.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 October 1975. The reporter is George Devlin.