A visit to Liverpool in the United Kingdom to see the effect of the Labour Party's incomes policy.

The Labour Party won the 1964 general election in the United Kingdom and Harold Wilson was appointed Prime Minister on 16 October 1964.

After 15 years Conservative Party politician Sir Kenneth Thompson lost his seat in Liverpool Walton to Labour Party candidate Eric Heffer. He believes people fell for extravagant promises and he lost because voters wanted to see a change in government rather than to get rid of him personally.  

Harold Wilson’s Labour government has carried through two unpopular budgets. The government is relying on its incomes policy, wage and price controls, for the resuscitation of Britain, however

Something for nowt is a growing attitude in Britain contrasting painfully with continental attitudes, painfully that is for reforming politicians who hope for the spirit of Dunkirk.

British people want more time off and they have more money for activities such as betting and bingo. Students have greater living allowances and are less concerned about causes such as the Vietnam War.

One student interviewed thinks politicians are doing their best but does not think they are doing the right thing. She is influenced by the individual person and found Harold Wilson very pleasant when he visited the students union. He makes a good leader because,

He puts into practice what he believes regardless of whether or not he’s popular for doing it, saying it.

One man interviewed says voters are not interested in the bigger picture.

People are inward looking and they take things as it affects them, affects them personally.

Another man is a confirmed floating voter. If a party has good record socially and financially he will vote for it. He believes many of the Labour Party politicians are decent people, but he will not vote for them because of James Callaghan's budget.

You’ve got no incentive to work hard, or to earn too much because of the income tax position, an extra 6 pence on the income tax well it means your wages have gone down.

As a young man he voted Labour but now he is older he votes Conservative or Liberal to protect the bit of money he has saved.

Socialism, it’s very good in many ways but there is always the fear the Labour government will take away what savings you have.

Another man understands sacrifices such as giving up a pay rise and paying more for commodities such as cigarettes and alcohol need to done for the prosperity of society and the country.

This episode of 'Sixty Five ‘was broadcast on 3 June 1965. The reporter is John O'Donoghue. The track accompanying this clip is 'What A Crazy World We're Living In' by Joe Brown and the Bruvvers.