A Labour government has been elected in Westminster. But what impact will they have on Northern Ireland?

A UK general election was held on 15 October 1964 and resulted in defeat for the Conservatives with Labour taking power under Harold Wilson.

The programme 'Sixty Four' took to the streets of Belfast to get the reaction of the people of Northern Ireland.

Views on the new Labour government led by Harold Wilson are mixed on the streets of Belfast.

Unsurprised by their election, one man is hopeful that the Labour government will appoint a special minister to look after Northern Ireland's interests. However, he is not too optimistic about this happening.

I think at the moment that they'll do very little economically for Northern Ireland.

One unionist voter sees the election result as disastrous for Northern Ireland as he believes the unionists can work better with a conservative government. Another reinforces this view saying that the last time Labour were in government, Ulster never gained anything.

Another man believes it makes little difference to Northern Ireland which political party is in power in Westminster.

When it comes to British interests, I think we know where their interests lie.

One woman who voted conservative describes the election result as awful saying,

I don't think that Mr Wilson is equipped to run the country.

A Labour supporter believes that it is high time that a Labour government has been elected but is sceptical of the impact they will have in Northern Ireland.

I always vote Labour. It's as much a protest vote against the political situation in Northern Ireland as anything else. The Unionist Party here, they don't play politics, they play religion continually in their elections.

Another woman who voted conservative remembers the last time a Labour government was in power and says that despite all their promises, they left the country financially worse off.

This episode of 'Sixty Four' was broadcast on 22 October 1964. The reporter is John O'Donoghue.