A couple travel from New York to be married on Arranmore Island off the Donegal coast.

Almost 1,000 people live on the island of Arranmore, a 20 minute boat ride from the fishing village of Burtonport in County Donegal.

The local church on Arranmore, St Crone's, is the venue for a most unusual wedding. The bride is 25 year old Wendy Colgan, who works as a theatre production assistant in New York. The groom, 28 year old John Johnston is an artist and a taxi driver. The couple have travelled over 3,000 miles to get married on the island.

This is John Johnston's fourth visit to Arranmore. His great grandparents are from the island and one of his grandfathers still lives there. He vowed if they were to get married, he would bring Wendy to Arranmore.

Twenty of their friends have also travelled from America to Arranmore to share the couple’s big day.

We’re always looking to party anyway, so we may as well party in Ireland.

The tiny island church is crammed with locals and Americans as the island curate Father Joseph Bradley performs the marriage ceremony. At one time Father Bradley worked in the United States, so he used to the American way of doing things.

I suppose they’re no way shy Americans, they just say what they think.

The wedding reception is held in the only hotel on the island. The couple will spend their honeymoon on the island before making the return journey to their home in New York. 

A friend gives the happy couple a piece of advice for the future,

Stay healthy.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 May 1985. The reporter is Tommie Gorman.