A profile of the early life of Donegal native, republican, socialist and writer Peadar O'Donnell.

About a mile outside Dungloe in county Donegal, Peadar O'Donnell visits his former family home and the house where he was born. He recalls playing on the green in front of the house and upon his father's death a piece of turf from that green being placed on his father's grave. Travelling north to Burtonport "gateway to the islands", Peadar describes his boyhood memories of the region from driving cattle and fishing to serving mass as an altar boy in the local church. He also recalls being in a pub in Burtonport where to his father's disgust he ordered a pint of buttermilk.

He was very disgusted that he should have reared a son who drank buttermilk and he told me quite definitely that I must leave the public house.

From the harbour at Burtonport Peadar remembers travelling to Arranmore. Travelling first to the historic island of Rutland, where there are now only two residents, Peadar meets one of the residents and discusses the new concept of private property and the tradition of herring fishing on the island. 

From Rutland Island to Arranmore where Peadar recalls taking part in the regatta as a small boy. 

This can be as moody, as bad tempered a stretch of water as you can get.

On Arranmore Peadar catches up with a former pupil of his Charlie Boyle, who has recently returned to the island after forty years away. They reminisce on times gone by and how island life has changed.

'Me and Yesterday: Peadar O'Donnell' was broadcast on 21 November 1966. The programme was produced and directed by James Plunkett.

Peadar O’Donnell, teacher, writer, trade unionist, and revolutionary died in May 1986.