A new footbridge is lifted into position across the river Liffey in Dublin.

The new Dublin bridge will be the second pedestrian only crossing over the river Liffey, and links Eustace Street in Temple Bar to the north quays.

Comprised of twenty thousand tons of steel and metal at a cost of £1.5 million, the bridge was constructed in Carlow. Weighing 23 tonnes it will feature a silver aluminium deck, an aluminium bronze handrail, and will be wheelchair and buggy friendly.

While designing the footbridge architect Sean Harrington was conscious of that it should sit well with one of Dublin’s most famous landmarks, the adjacent Ha’penny Bridge,

We were very sensitive about the location and about making sure we didn’t overpower the Ha’penny Bridge...

Those watching the proceedings were impressed: 

Very simple and elegant design, very nice.

For now though Dubliners can only look on, as the new bridge won’t be open until the end of December.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 November 1999. The reporter is Deirdre McCarthy.