Protests over internment a process that allows people to be imprisoned without trial in Northern Ireland.

After a night of rioting by prisoners at Long Kesh and other prisons there are demonstrations across Northern Ireland in a show of the internees and prayer vigils for peace.

Speaking to RTÉ News, the mother of one prisoner describes internment as evil and wants to see the removal of British troops from the streets of Northern Ireland and an amnesty for all political prisoners.

Internment in itself is evil.

Bishop of Derry Doctor Edward Daly called for peaceful protest. However, he noted that the problem is that many political leaders only respond to extreme forms of protest which involve violence. 

Blockades were set up on streets organised by the Committee of Friends and Relatives of Internees to show support with the men behind the wire in Long Kesh. 

This episode of 'Seven Days' was broadcast on 18 October 1974. The reporter is Brendan O'Brien.