A peace line erected by British troops will separate Catholic and Protestant residential areas in Belfast.

Barricades constructed on some of Belfast’s residential streets are to be dismantled and replaced by barbed wire barriers, manned by troops, which are officially known as peace lines.

This development has been arrived at in recent days following consultations between Belfast MPs, the British Home Secretary in London, the British army and local residents. 

It is understood that existing barricades will only be removed following consultation with the communities involved, and residents will be asked to take down the structures themselves. If they do not wish to, the army will bring in their bulldozers. 

In Dover Street an agreement has been reached between the Catholic and Protestant residents, who will soon be separated by a temporary barrier. Next Monday Belfast Corporation will erect a more permanent structure on the site,   

An eight foot high steel barricade, which will even prevent Catholic and Protestant residents from looking over into each other’s territory.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 September 1969. The reporter is Pat Sweeney.